Metal Prints

What are Metal Prints?

Metal Prints turn Troy’s photos that you love into high definition wall art.  The slim aluminum panel measures .45" thick and features rounded corners; the frameless design gives photos a clean, modern look. All metal prints include a solid rubber hanging mount with center-cut slot as well as solid rubber "feet" to protect surfaces. Customizable with a personalized message of your choice.

Choose a matte or glossy finish on one of the two distinct surface types below:

·       Brushed metal surface: A silver basecoat peeks through your image, creating muted colors and a more metallic look

·       True color surface: A white base coat makes colors pop

Available in the following sizes:

4” x 4”

8” x 10”

12” x 12”

16” x 20”

5” x 5”

10” x 14”

12” x 36”

20” x 30”

6” x 6”

10” x 24”

16” x 16”

24” x 36”

(Not suitable for outdoor use)


Troy’s Metal Photos are also available in Two or Three Panel 10x24 Panoramic Spread

Comes with a special kit to make hanging easy and flawless.

·       Both surface options available in glossy or matte finish

·       Includes a hanging template (printed to scale) along with a self-adhesive level




Glass Prints

What are your glass prints?

Show off Troy’s photos in stunning, luminous glass. This unique printing process puts the photos you select directly onto the glass. This produces a translucent effect that makes Troy’s magnificent photos visible from both the front and back. Front surface features smooth, beveled edges.

·      Curved Glass Prints are freestanding; Flat Glass Prints include an acrylic stand.

·      Customizable with a personalized message of your choice.

Glass Prints are available in the following sizes:

5" x 7"

7" x 10" (Curved only)

9" x 9"

7" x 7"

8" x 10" (Flat only)

10" x 12"


Framed Prints

Customized Framed Art Prints

A Custom Masterpiece without the Hassle.  Looking for a sleek way to decorate a wall in your home? Why not turn your favorite of Troy’s Photos into a stunning addition to your home with a gallery-quality art print for a truly one-of-a-kind creation?  Save the hassle of framing it yourself.  It is super easy to turn Troy’s Photos into a stunning gift, or addition to your own space.  Printed on premium signature matte or pearl shimmer glossy cardstock.

Start by selecting from the following print sizes:

 8" x 10"

 11" x 14"

 16" x 16"

 20" x 30"

 10" x 24"

 12" x 12"

 16" x 20"

 24" x 36"

The size of your frame will be determined based on the size of the print and whether or not a mat (single or double) has been added. For example, if you select an 11" x 14" print with no mat, you will receive an 11" x 14" frame; if you add a single or double mat to your order, you will receive a 16" x 20" frame, the next proportional size up.

Frame Sizes (all frames made from medium-density fiberboard):

 8" x 10"

 12" x 12"

 16" x 20"

 20" x 30"

 10" x 24"

 14" x 28"

 20" x 20"

 24" x 36"

 11" x 14"

 16" x 16"

 20" x 24"

 30" x 40"

(note: frame sizes in bold are only available without mats.)

Take your print to the next level by adding a mat in black, white or cream; choose the double-mat option to add an accent color that outlines your print . Your framed print will come with a sealed paper backing that includes a wire for easy hanging.


Choose a frame in

black, brown, white

or rustic.


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